Sunday, October 19, 2008

Playing with Copper Etching

I took this image from a silverpoint drawing I did a while ago. Its been interesting to see the difference in the limits of line quality that are possible with the etching needle as opposed to the silverpoint. I plan to make an edition of 75 prints from the plate. Here's the original image:


tifengland said...

good, good. i think the etching works better with the content....

something is missing in the bottom right corner....some kind of dark. nothing too severe, but something nonetheless.

it would almost be interesting to combine some kind of text there to break the space up or something.

DefunctProduct said...

If you don't spit on the ignorant comments from the outsiders, I cannot quite decipher what you are speaking of when you compare the line quality of the original with the etching. Which do you prefer? Or don't you? What did you lose in one that you found succeeded in the other? They are both beautiful, and this subject is a real winner. I am liking the soft, muffled effect of the original.